The performance metrics on your dashboard are one of the most important benefits you unlock with your membership.

The beauty of our platform is the depth of the data we collect by cultivating this organic music discovery ecosystem. By displaying your music on our Discover page, we are able to extract unique insights that you can only get here at Playlister Club. Let’s dive into how you can use some of them to improve your marketing and future releases!


These two are perhaps the most important metrics on the dashboard. You can access these by heading to the “Activity” — > “Engagement” section of your dashboard:

Let’s start by defining these metrics.

BEI, or Branding Engagement Index, measures how effective your branding elements like Album Cover and song title are. This unique metric is extremely critical to your success as an independent artist in the digital space. The visual aspect to your release is the top of your funnel, and the first thing that potential fans see, even before clicking to listen (if they even do). In the example above, we can see that this particular song has a 39% BEI, meaning it’s performing nearly 40% better than the average on our platform. In other words, this artist should definitely keep making album covers in this style, as it’s more clickable than other artists of his size! The SEI, or Song Engagement Index, measures if playlisters review or place your song (interact with it), after listening to it. This is a more obvious, yet still very critical metric to understand. Let’s look at the example above again — this user is attracting playlisters at an above-average rate, but once they listen to the song, they actually skip over to the next song. This, unfortunately for this artist, means that playlisters don’t love the actual music!

Other Metrics

Your Song Ranking can let you know what percentile of performance you are in compared to all the other artists on Playlister Club. By hovering over the guitar, this will show you how many other artists are in your ranking group with you!

While SEI & BEI are more behavioral metrics that we measure, and curators are likely unaware that we are measuring, we also display other metrics which are more opinion-based, and curators provide you directly.

Production, Performance, and Demand metrics are created during the review process. Curators vote on each of these aspects while reviewing your track, and we then tally it up and display it for you in these metrics. These are very helpful metrics to learn more about how your music is received by real curators. In the example, you can see that while curators believed both the production and performance weren’t very great (33%), the Commercial Demand for the track is high. This may indicate that the artist should keep creating this style of music, but needs to step up the quality of their music! As you can see, these performance metrics can be very helpful in learning about how potential fans receive your music, aside from written reviews or biased opinions. You can pinpoint where you need to improve as an artist, and where you stand against other artists of your size. These metrics, and more, can be unlocked with an artist or label membership.

Empower your music with data on Playlister Club!

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