The Playlister Club Discover page is innovating the way playlisters are finding new music.

Music curation in the era of streaming can be overwhelming. Everyone from casual music fans to professional music curators deal with a high influx of new music being uploaded to platforms on a daily basis. If you have a big enough playlist, you likely are frequently contacted online by artists looking to get on your playlists. This might be fun at first, though after some time and an overflowing social media DM’s or email inbox, you’ll start thinking “there has to be a better way!" Thus, the Discover page was born!

One of our main goals when starting Playlister Club was to clear up time for curators so they could focus on what they do best; listening to great music and curating amazing playlists.

The Playlister Club Discover page is the heart and soul of our platform. Instead of an endless inbox of submissions that curators see as a chore to get through, they are each presented with their own, personalized recommendations.

Our recommendation algorithm follows our curator’s listening & curation habits and creates a personalized Discover page for each curator. Alongside this, they get relevant carousel titles; Featured Tracks, New Tracks, Genres, Songs with Good Playlistability, Songs from Labels, and more!

All of these contribute to a melting pot of amazing up-and-coming music that each curator is sure to love every time they login, instead of dread like they have in the past with their “submission inboxes.”

At the end of the day, we think this helps the artists as well. By allowing curators to freely explore through thousands of tracks, we have been able to cultivate a true music discovery ecosystem, leading to real-world connections being made between curators and artists, and real fans being converted!

Our favorite example of the power of our Discover page is Shakambo, a french Lo-fi artist who was discovered by Curator, Playlister Club A&R, and Lofi Label, Esydia. After being discovered on Playlister Club, Shakambo & Esydia have successfully released an EP Rede e Nespera. This example just proves how effective our discovery process is; by allowing an organic connection to be made, there was more than just a playlist placement, but a whole piece of art that came out of it.

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