We’re excited to announce our revamped Community Tab!

The Community Tab on Playlister Club has been around since the platform’s inception. In fact, “Community” was one of the three pillars we built our platform on, Discovery and Functionality being the others.

As our actual user community has grown, we wanted to find new ways to display all of the interactions and discoveries each curator makes on a daily basis (over 2,300 song discoveries per week, from our A&R curators alone!)

The new community tab is a lively feed of our playlister’s interactions, like song placements, reviews, discoveries, and more.

This design allows you to truly explore the depth of the ecosystem we’ve built. You can click on a Playlister’s name or icon to access their in-depth Playlister Profile, and click on songs or playlists to open them up and view them in Spotify.

For playlisters, clicking on a song will open up an interaction manager, where you can Schedule the song in yourself, send to another curator, or review it!

A new promotion opportunity for Artists & Labels

With the recent success artists have been seeing with Banners, the revamped Community Tab provides a new opportunity in the same vein: Community Ads!

By purchasing a Community Ad, your song will be displayed in the new Community tab for 1 week. It appears in the main Community section, where our Playlister, artist and label community go to see what’s happening in the world of Playlister Club. Your community ad will be displayed in a large tile, contrasting the small text and showcasing your branding front and center!

Similar to the Banners, you can write a 256-character quick-pitch about your song, which also provides another benefit to explaining why people should listen to your track.

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