Soundcloud is a popular platform for music creators to share their tracks and interact with their fans. SoundCloud's analytics data can be used to improve the overall marketing strategy, as well as specific campaigns. This blog post discusses how to access Soundcloud Analytics, what insights are available, and some of the most common metrics.

in order to access your Insights from the Soundcloud app, go to your Profile or library tab, tap the Insights bar graph icon. Click a track or playlist name from any page you're viewing in order to view its analytics under "Track Settings," then click the ellipsis next to "Track Details" to view your tracks insights.

The First Section allows you to graph your interactions (plays, likes, reposts, comments and downloads) throughout time. This can be super helpful for determining your most effective time periods and adjusting the marketing strategy to suit. For example, if you notice that a large number of your plays happened in the first few days after uploading a track to Soundcloud but have since slowed down significantly, it might be time for additional promotion strategies!

The next Section is Audience, which shows you your top listeners and locations.  This is incredibly helpful for artists who want to know where their most engaged fans are. Knowing this data can help direct future marketing strategies, as well as give you an idea of where to promote or plan your next show!

The last section is “Where on Soundcloud” which shows you what devices people are listening on, as well as where most of your plays from playlists, albums, and algorithms. This is essential for artists who want to know how people are finding their music. If you notice that most of your plays come from playlists, it might be time to reach out to the curators of those playlsits to promote upcoming tracks! Finding out who is helping your music spread can help you find the right group of collaborators who are passionate about the same music as you.

All of these metrics can provide a huge amount of insight into your overall marketing strategy and specific campaigns. Hopefully you found this article helpful! If you want to learn more about how to use analytics and insights like these, check out our guide on soundcloud marketing.

How to use Soundcloud Analytics with Playlister Club

Playlister Club is an independent curation platform that connects artists with the most relevant music curators for their music. By gaining exposure on Playlister Club, artists can get their songs in front of curators who share similar interests and sensibilities, which allows for more targeted promotion. Using Soundcloud analytics to determine where your track has been getting playlisted the most, and where your streams have been coming from, can also help you find the curators who will be most receptive to promoting your music!

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