Spotify for Artists is the official analytics platform for Spotify, that helps artists connect with their fans in a whole new way. The best part about the Spotify for Artists tool is that it's completely free to use! 

With this easy-to-navigate dashboard, artists will be able to see:

  • What playlists they are in 
  • Streaming, follower, and listener growth over time
  • What songs people are listening to the most
  • Important metrics like how many fans have saved a specific song. 
  • Demographic information on their listeners and where they are located. 
  • They can even pitch directly to Spotify editors through the pitching tool, before a song is released, for consideration in official Spotify playlists. 

Spotify For Artists is a great way for artists to gain a better understanding of their audience, and where they should be investing further marketing efforts into.

How to use Spotify For Artists with Playlister Club

Playlister Club is the largest community of independent playlist curators in the world. When you get a membership on Playlister Club your track gets shown on our Discover page, where the most relevant curators go to find new music for their playlists. If and when your song gets picked up by a playlister, use Spotify for Artists to get a sense of how many listeners you garnered from the placement. You can also track how that playlist addition might affect how the Spotify algorithm picks up on your track and gives it traction. 

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