Before You Start

1. Upload your song to your music distributor and set the release date.

2. Pitch your song to Spotify editorial playlists.

3. Create a pre-save link** and have your song files (WAV and MP3) ready. Consider making extended or acoustic versions for more promotional material.

Day 1: Tease the Release

- Instagram Story: Announce your upcoming song with a poll sticker and a pre-save link.

- Update Bio: Change your Instagram bio to include "New single coming" with the release date.

- Share Pre-save Link: Add it to all your profiles and bios.

Day 2: Build Curiosity

Instagram Story: Post a blurry artwork with a line of lyrics and an emoji sticker, along with a pre-save link.

- Update Spotify Banner: Change it to "Coming Soon" with the release date.

Day 3: Engage Your Network

- Reach Out: Contact 10 people you haven't spoken to in a while through DMs and comments to raise engagement.

- Submit to Radio and YouTube: Start sending your song to radio shows and YouTube promotional channels.

Day 4: Announce Publicly

- Instagram Post: Announce your new single with its title, label, collaboration details, and story in the caption.

- YouTube Community Post and Discord: Share the announcement.

- Engage More: Reach out to 10 more people.

Day 5: Continue Promotion

- Submit to Channels: Keep sending your song to radio shows and YouTube channels.

- Engage More: Reach out to 10 additional people.

Day 6: Create Content

- Instagram Reel: Post a 15-30 second snippet of your song focusing on the story and message.

- Engage More: Reach out to 10 more people.

Day 7: Remind and Tease

- Instagram Reel: Post a "Tomorrow is the Day" teaser showing behind-the-scenes or song snippets.

- Engage More: Reach out to 10 more people.

Day 8: Release Day!

- Update Spotify Banner: Change it to "Out Now."

- Announce Everywhere: Post an Instagram carousel with the drop snippet, a YouTube Community post, and update bios with the release link.

- Personal Messages: Reach out to 25 people with a personal message about your release.

- Add to Playlist: Add your song to your own Spotify playlist.

- Contact DJs and Channels: Continue reaching out for playlist placements and promotional opportunities.

- Reshare Mentions: Share any stories or mentions of your song.

- Playlist Submission: Contact playlist curators manually or through networks.

Day 9: Introduce Yourself

- Instagram Reel: Post an introduction reel about your music style and new song.

- Engage More: Reach out to 25 more people.

- Continue Playlist Submission: Keep submitting to playlists.

Day 10: Expand Your Content

- YouTube Video: Upload a lyric or instrumental video.

- Instagram Reel: Share a snippet of the YouTube video.

- Continue Promotion: Contact more curators, DJs, and bloggers.

Day 11: Ask for Feedback

- Instagram Reel: Post a "Rate My Song" reel with a call to action.

- Instagram Story: Use a question sticker asking for feedback on your song.

Day 12: Behind the Scenes

- Instagram Reel: Share a behind-the-scenes breakdown of your song's production.

- Share Stats: Post about your song's streaming stats, playlist additions, and feedback.

Day 13: Call Out

- Instagram Reel: Describe who you made your song for, engaging specific audiences.

Day 14: Thank Your Fans

- Instagram Post: Thank your followers with a personal message and share their feedback.

- Promote Paid Campaigns: Consider using SongTools for paid promotions. Their campaigns have shown significant increases in follower rates and stream quality.


PLV ran a custom ad video of her producing the song with text overlaid introducing herself to her new audience. This is a great creative example that you can build your campaign creatives off of and test with SongFly. The combination of her ad creative with our SongFly Smart Targeting, led to awesome results for the campaign, with new fans coming from Tier 1 regions like the US & Canada:

Additional to this ad campaign, the Playlister.Club campaign ensured her song was presented to highly vetted curators, leading to significant uptick in exposure for the single. 

Maintain consistent outreach to curators, DJs, and influencers. 

By following this 14-day plan and considering the power of paid promotions, you can significantly boost your song's streams and engagement. Good luck with your release!

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