If you’re an artist, how frustrating was it to release a song you’ve spent countless hours on and possibly hundreds of dollars just to get only two streams or downloads from your music album? I can probably answer that for you by saying, very frustrating. It almost makes you question whether or not it’s possible to make it to the big leagues within the music industry.  

In this article, we’re going to cover some easy ways that you can grow your audience and reputation to start getting people to listen to your music. Here’s how to get people to listen to your music in 8 simple ways. 

Work On Your Craft

Have you ever scrolled through Instagram or Youtube to find someone really talented and thought to yourself, “Wow, that was amazing!” Most of the time, when this happens, people are eager to find out what else they have created because of their talent or appearance. Music today doesn’t have to be all about skill. It’s mostly about entertainment. Work on your sound quality and film quality to showcase your talent and boost the entertainment value. Work on your craft, and try to find ways you can be better than you were yesterday. This will only help you improve yourself as time goes on. 

Collaborate With Other Artists Online

Collaborating with other artists is an easy way to get new fans to listen to your music. Find an artist with a similar following to yours and see if they’d like to collaborate with you on creating a cover song or being featured on your album. When you release the track, the artist you featured will show it to their fans, leading to a newer audience that can listen to your music. There are tons of services out there that allow you to link with other artists online, most notably Vampre.

Cover Other Trending Artist's New Release

When a popular artist releases a new track, it can be easy to grab a new audience by covering a trending artist’s latest release and if you can make your’s stand out amongst the rest, the bigger chance of it being a success. For example, if a song is played on guitar, why not cover it on piano or violin? It gives a song a whole new feeling that fans of the Trending Artist would love to see. This will lead this new audience to want to know more about what you’ve created and, as a result, drive the number of people who will listen to your music in the right direction. There's a reason why Justin Bieber, Alessia Cara, Shawn Mendes, and others started by uploading covers to Youtube; because it works!

Playing Local Live Shows

Playing live shows is an easy way to grab a new audience to listen to your music if you are just starting. At these local shows, it’s an excellent time to network with other of the bands you’ll be playing with and meet potential new fans. Nothing helps break the nerves when you network before playing your set since it will no longer appear that you are playing to strangers but to friends in the audience. It can help you play better shows and earn new fans and lead to you playing more shows with other artists. We’ve seen solo artists with less following join a more popular band with a massive following and earn hundreds of followers from a simple shout-out on their page. 

Marketing Your Music

Once you start obtaining a fan base, you’ll want to start marketing your music for releases to get people excited about what you are going. Marketing takes a lot of preparation but will pay off in the end. If you’re going to release an album or an EP, see the following list of items you’ll have to prepare for your release.

Creating some album art

Creating tabs for your fans

Merchandise such as t-shirts or physical copies of your album

Should you plan a mini-tour for your release? 

Creating a music videos of your new release

Reach out to online magazines that review albums to give you a review of your album before it’s released.

Feature your music on platforms such as Playlister.club to get discovered by other labels or artists.

List Your Music On Playlister.Club

Playlister.Club is a music discovery platform that allows you to get in front of tastemakers and curators with huge playlists. It was built on the fundamental principle of curation, so if they like your music, it could be shared on playlists to thousands of followers who have potential to become your fans! 

Playlister.Club allows you to get more than just exposure. Your music is displayed on a dynamic dashboard and matched to playlisters specific curation and listening tastes. They can even listen, review and place your songs directly from our platform. You can get discovered on playlister.club because playlisters can carefully manually select songs that genuinely match their playlists and music tastes. Never have your music lost in an inbox again! You’ll also know when you’ve been added or removed from different playlists, daily with our Song Tracking tool. 

You can also get discovered from our feature Playlist Pulse™! It’s the only chart directly driven by your voice and distributed to thousands of music industry professionals, playlisters, influencers, and media outlets worldwide!

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