Finding music can be overwhelming due to so many streaming platforms available. There are so many new artists and music popping up. In this article, we'll go over the best ways to find new music through different streaming sites along with some pros and cons of each to help you make your decision.

Here Are The Best Ways to Find New Music Online

In our opinion, these are the best platforms where you can discover new music to listen to! Check them out! 


You’ve definitely heard of Spotify, considering how successful and popular this streaming platform is. You’ll get access to the hottest hits while being able to discover new favorites. Spotify also keeps track of what you recently played, which is helpful when listening to a playlist that you’re not familiar with. You can also add your friends and take a peek on what they’re listening to.


Pandora is a well-known internet radio service online that allows users to make custom stations and listen to music currently trending. They’ve instilled a user-friendly interface that involves pressing either a thumbs up or thumbs down as a way of sorting the music. 

To be able to discover new music on the platform, you’ll have to navigate through Pandora’s “browse” tab; from there, you’ll be able to all music stations like “New Music,” which features stations that are newly created, best-released music, and “Trendsetters” that showcase up-and-coming artists that are slowly gaining traction in the industry.

Another way is “Pandora’s Modes” which is a unique feature that limits specific types of songs that are played on their stations–this is available for both premium and free users.

Amazon Music

Amazon Music is an online streaming platform with special perks for Amazon Music Unlimited Subscribers and Prime Members. Compared to other streaming sites, Amazon Music doesn’t have an extremely wide selection of music. However, here’s how to find music on this platform.

Firstly, their homepage has music recommendations that are personally tailored based on your listening history and divided into four categories–Songs for You, Albums for You, Playlists for You, and Stations for You.


YouTube is a video hosting platform, and many go to this website for free music online. Not only are there official music and lyrics videos from the biggest and hottest artists, but also many independent musicians showcase their music on the website. YouTube also has playlists curated by users across the globe that are also free to listen to.

YouTube Music

Completely different from YouTube itself, YouTube Music is another online streaming service that gives you access to an extensive catalog of official songs and music videos, remixes, live performances, playlists, albums, as well as radio stations. This platform also uses a music discovery algorithm wherein it initially showcases you with a neverending playlist of all kinds of music, then it attempts to learn your preferences by the songs skipped and the songs you listen to. As time passes, it will recommend playlists based on your listening habits.

There are many ways to be able to discover some amazing tunes on YouTube Music, like the “Explore” tab, new releases, charts, and moods & genres. The “Explore” is divided into two categories–New albums & Singles, and Moods & Genres. You can also navigate to “The Charts” which highlights all the globally trending artists, songs, and music videos.

Playlister.Club can recommend you the best emerging talent for your music taste. Easily browse with different filters like Genres, Hot & Trending, and even a unique section tailored just for you! 

You’ll get an exclusive daily outline of the playlisting industry, with notable news, and in-depth looks at the biggest playlisting brands! You can even browse music videos and add those artists directly to your playlists! 

Playlister.Club allows you to schedule in tracks to your playlists that will automatically remove after a set amount of time, and in any desired position of the playlist! It’ll keep your lists fresh by automating song positions that change by the day.

Apple Music

What was once “iTunes”, Apple Music was birthed to replace it and has since been the standard music app for iOS devices, with more than 60 million songs available for streaming on the platform. It follows an algorithm that recommends similar artists, and songs, and continually updates the recommendations the more time you spend listening to music on this platform. Apple Music also exhibits an interface that’s very easy to navigate.

When it comes to finding and streaming popular music, is the place to be. You can easily find your way around the platform and search for the latest tracks, as well as what’s trending based on genres and specific time periods. Not all music found on the website are available to download for free, sometimes a link to purchase will appear instead.


For underground music and independent musicians, Soundcloud is a common option for finding those hidden gems. Not only do you have access to a huge array of music, but you can also join communities and create connections with artists or other music listeners. Unfortunately, not all music can be downloaded and you can’t create a station from every song.


ReverbNation prioritizes the Indie music industry by connecting upcoming artists with their fans. They have a “discover” tab wherein featured collections, music videos, and viral tracks are highlighted. You can also create your own playlists under the “My Library” tab for easier access to your tunes. allows for newer artists to get discovered around the world. With Radiooooo’s unique design, it allows a listener to click any where in the world to listen to different genre’s or styles effortlessly. Feeling like listening to an artist inspired by the 80’s from Europe? Easy, just simply click that location to start listenin instantly. Get discovered in your region much fast with Radiooooo’s unique platform design. 

NTS Radio

NTS is a global radio platform broadcasting music from over 50 cities around the globe, live 24/7. Just upload your tracks to a category you feel best suits your music and that’s it! You’re songs will be featured on a mixtape that will be played around the world. 

Final Thoughts

With all the streaming platforms mentioned, the best way to find new music online is to start searching. We hope these suggestions make it easier for you to discover your next favorite tunes and playlists.

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