Our playlister community is powerful. Yet, just like that classic Spiderman quote says: “ with great power, comes great responsibility.”

This is why our playlister community may have noticed an update upon logging in recently: our new Community Pledge.

At Playlister Club, we’ve established a community of like-minded music fans and professionals with one overarching goal: to foster organic music discovery.

We believe that true music discovery is more important than ever. With such an abundance of amazing new music coming out at an unprecedented rate, we seek to empower our playlister community to help them find the best new talent, and get it to the right ears. Alongside empowering curators with amazing tools and benefits, we also want to ensure that our artist and label community is positively benefiting by using our platform, with opportunities to reach new fans and receive real feedback on their music.

As our community grows and is adopted by a larger number of artists, labels, and curators, we want to make sure our community guidelines are clear to all stakeholders, and this pledge is a good beginning to this practice. We will continue working hard to ensure that Playlister Club remains a safe place for all of its users. On top of that, set out to make these rules transparent to all of our users; and not behind the small print of a Terms of Use agreements.

We hope you are enjoying Playlister Club as much as we are enjoying developing it for you, and thank you for aligning with our mission!


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