Playlist trading, song swapping, playlist exchanges — you may have heard about this common practice in the music industry, but have you ever wondered how you can unlock the full potential of this free resource, and how you can use Playlister Club to optimize it?

Let’s start with what trading is: Trading is a process by which two playlist owners agree to exchange a song on each other’s playlists.

What does Playlister Club’s Trading Marketplace do?

Our free trading marketplace allows you to identify which playlisters are actively open for trades and engage with them directly. The marketplace allows you to easily browse through thousands of opportunities through various filters including Genre, Name, and Playlist Size. To propose a trade, it’s as simple as clicking the “Propose a Trade” button located on each of the tiles displayed in the trading marketplace, once this is done the playlister will be notified via email and the platform and the trading process will commence.

We have streamlined the entire trading process, from the proposal, which is already linked to your existing playlist, and allows you to easily search up your track by typing in the name of the song, or even pasting in the Spotify ID or URL, even to the actual placement of the track, where we automatically schedule the songs into the playlists based off of the agreed amount of time once approved. The songs even automatically delete from each playlist after the allotted time of the trade has ended. Our goal is to simplify and innovate the trading process, so you can connect with more playlists and take advantage of the whole independent playlist ecosystem for free.

If you are an artist, label owner, promoter, or manager, and haven’t started your own playlists yet — we highly recommend you start now! Not only will you learn about the world of music curation, but managing your own playlists via Playlister Club can give your song a boost: Most major artists manage their own playlists, which they use strategically by using our Trading Marketplace and by interacting with other playlisters and promoting their track via the Playlister Dashboard. Anyone can open up a free playlister profile to access these tools and start leveraging our trading marketplace to give their songs a free boost!

If still need help getting started with our trading marketplace, make sure to check out the quick tour video below:


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