YouTube Analytics is provided to you directly from Youtube, and provides insights on your YouTube channel, and offers a set of tools that allow you to measure and improve your channel. With this tool, you'll be able to see statistics on your subscribers, views, videos and more. You can also discover which of your videos are the most popular or get the most traffic from search engines. Here we will give you an overview of all the sections within YouTube Analytics so you know where to go for specific information about your video performance!

There are four sections within YouTube Analytics: Overview, Reach, Engagement, Audience and Revenue. The overview section gives you an at-a-glance look at how your channel is performing in terms of views and subscribers. This section also displays the average view duration, total views and subscribers.

The Reach Section allows you to see which of your videos are performing well and where they're being viewed. You can also see which videos and channels your viewers usually visit. This section is great for seeing what content you should upload more of, as well as finding out how to improve particular videos that aren't performing so well!

The Engagement shows you a summary of how long your audience watches your videos. It also shows you the percentage of subscribers versus non-subscribers who watch your content. This section is great for understanding how engaged your audience really is!

The Audience Section provides demographic information about people watching videos on YouTube that come from channels associated with yours. You'll be able to see information such as language, age range and gender of audience members. You can use this data to create more targeted content that appeals to a wider variety of audiences.

The Revenue Section helps you track your earnings on youtube. It also shows you the estimated monthly revenue from ads displayed on all of your videos. This section can assist with planning future content and determining what types of ad formats to use within particular videos.

This will give you an idea of what kind of data YouTube Analytics can provide. It's a great tool for understanding your audience and analyzing the performance of all your videos!

How to use Youtube Analytics with Playlister Club

Ensuring you also release your tracks on Youtube can be a valuable way for new fans to find your music! Playlister Club hosts the largest community of Independent Curators online. When you sign up for a  membership on Playlister Club your track gets placed in front of the most relevant curators for your track. Many of these curators have large followings on Youtube as well, and you can use Playlister Club to get a better idea of your brand and releases on Youtube as well. You can use the too, track where the traffic to your channel is coming from, and how these placements might affect the Youtube Algorithm to give your track more traction!

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