If you release music today, you know how powerful it is to have the right data guiding your marketing decisions, alongside having access to data in one, easy-to-digest configuration. Clear data empowers artists & labels; they can leverage that data to fuel more successful campaigns for their current and future releases. 

This is exactly why we’re excited to announce our new & improved Activity Feed! A powerful hub that allows you track the interactions on your Playlister.Club promotion, receive key insights on your music that you won’t get anywhere else, and share your wins to your fanbase!

Introducing: Data Snacks.

Every placement your song achieves is a win worth celebrating. New followers reached, means more potential for your song to be found by your next superfan. Data Snacks make it easy to get all of the placement’s data in one, palatable card: 

You’ll first notice the playlist’s cover; click it and it will take you directly to the playlist on Spotify. You also get key information like what position you were placed in, how many other songs are in the playlist, and how many followers the playlist has. Below that, you’ll find the Playlister-specific information like their name, total follower count, and logo - if you click on their logo, it will pull up their Playlister Profile where you can learn all about the playlister with exclusive data. In the upper right corner, you’ll find a heart logo, which allows you to “fav” an interaction to easily find it later on. 

We want your feedback.

Our community’s feedback means the world to us; that’s why we’ve put the power in the hands of our artists and labels, and made it easier than ever to give us direct feedback on each of the placements you receive. At the bottom right hand corner of the SongCard, you’ll notice a drop-down menu:

This will open a live feed of the playlist you were placed to, or the full data from the review you received. From here, you can easily see if your song is still included in the playlist, as well as rate the placement, which will allow us to continually vet our playlister community and provide your song with better chances of success.

You can select options like: 

  • Track not found in playlist 
  • Playlist is not the right fit
  • Low position in playlist 
  • Not showing streams 

From this data, we will keep optimizing our A&Rs community! 

This interaction-based feed, is a great way to dive deep into each interaction you earn, and leverage the data to your best advantage, but don’t forget to check out the Engagement Sidebar on the right-hand side of the dashboard, to quickly view all of your familiar Performance Metrics at a glance: 

From here, you can quickly see how your song has been performing over time and extract proprietary insights like our Branding Engagement index, and more! The beauty of this new interactive feed is that we will be rolling out more personalized & comparative insights on your music. Make sure to stay tuned to your dashboard and look out for new Data Snacks that will help you further understand your performance.

We hope you enjoy this new dashboard as much as we enjoyed making it; we can’t wait to see how you leverage this data to take your music to new heights!

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