When 40,000 new tracks get added to Spotify every day, ensuring your release gets the right kind of love has become a challenge. There has been a paradigm shift, and the music industry is struggling to adapt.    

A new paradigm requires a new answer– a new methodology to go about selecting and disseminating new music.

Introducing the Playlistability Index, by Playlister.Club.

Playlistability answers the two fundamental questions on the music industry’s mind:

  1. Which track should I be promoting (i.e. which track is most likely to succeed)? and;
  2. How and where do I promote it (i.e. to which curators should I be sharing)?

The Playlistability Index is the most advanced and comprehensive tool for playlist analytics, and actionable insights for playlist promotion.

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Explaining the Playlistability Index

When you insert the Spotify URL to any track on Playlistability, you will get a FREE score that goes from 1-100. It is composed of 3 proprietary variables- Maturity, Sensation, and Qualities, which are, in turn, composed of 30+ sub-variables.

This Index is a statistical measure of how your track compares to the tracks that curators on Playlister.Club have added to their playlists in the last two weeks across these key variables. It’s a dynamic measurement that changes over time, that keeps a real time pulse of the ecosystem– it’s the ultimate A&R assistant.

While not claiming to be 100% predictive of ultimate success (because you cannot mathematically measure true musical genius), it is an amazing first step in providing modern guidance on which kind of tracks are most likely to gain traction right now. It is also the best available guidance about which curators are most likely to enjoy a certain track and add it to their playlists.

Built on a Unique Dataset  

When we launched Playlister.Club a year ago, we had a simple aim– to create the best suite of digital tools for independent playlist curators to manage their playlists. Since then, we have had the delight of welcoming curators of 27K+ playlists representing +25 million followers, and a vibrant community interacting and providing daily insights. In the process of creating awesome experiences, we have built a vast dataset with hundreds of millions of points, whose potential we are just starting to unpack.

Simplification for Both Artists & for Playlist Curators

Artists don’t know how to get their music out, while playlist curators are overwhelmed with mountains of submissions. The Playlistability Index cuts through the clutter. Playlister.Club, as the largest community of independent playlist curators, understands the patterns– how curators interact with tracks, and which they end up adding to one of their playlists. Playlister.Club also captures the progression of each track on the platform, and how each track performs versus similarly structured tracks. In short, it’s the ultimate benchmarking engine for what works for each kind of curator– it’s the job that radio pluggers used to do- on steroids.

Getting the Most Out of Playlistability

We have observed Label Account holders on Playlister Club using the Playlistabiliy Index in several ways. At the first level, we have observed them using the Index as a method to choose which track to lead with in a marketing campaign. At the next level, along with the Index, we have seen labels and artists using the recommended curator lists that have the highest matches to guide their overall campaigns– even reaching out to the curators directly via other channels. Finally, we have seen labels running multi-track promotions on Playlister Club to A/B test initial traction among the curators on the platform, and THEN choosing the track to lead their marketing campaign.

We are just starting to scratch the surface on how our tools and datasets can help music marketers be more effective in their work– saving money and time, while reaching the right audiences.

Our mission is to give every artist a fair chance to reach their intended audiences, without breaking the bank. We believe that the power of human curation assisted by big data and analytics is an unbeatable combination.

We’re excited about what’s to come.
Try it out and let us know your thoughts!

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