Playlister.Club allows you to get access to state-of-the art tools to manage your playlists, connect with thousands of emerging artists, network with leading playlisters and showcase your curation skills. It’ll allow you to engage in a community and trade with other playlisters to unleash a truly collaborative music discovery environment & playlisting experience! Here’s why over 500,000 tracks have been placed through Playlister.Club.

How Playlister.Club Works For You As A Listener

Playlister.Club brings the independent playlister & the emerging artist together. You’ll collaborate with the world’s leading independent curator and every choice you make with your playlists creates huge opportunities for emerging artists. New music is presented on a dynamic dashboard based off of your music tastes so you can listen, review, and even schedule songs on your playlists! No more endless submissions; work with music you really like. Simply put, Playlister.Club gives you the most powerful tools to better manage your playlists so you can focus on what's really important: discovering new music!

How Playlister.Club Works For You As An Artist

When you join Playlister.Club as an artist, you’ll gain exclusive access to a curated community of playlisters passionate about discovering new music. As soon as you join Playlister Club your songs will be promoted to an exclusive online ecosystem of playlisters actively looking to dig up new music. Your music is displayed on a dynamic dashboard and matched to playlisters specific curation and listening tastes all for $48 a month. Our playlisters carefully and manually select songs that truly match their playlists and music tastes. Never have your music lost in an inbox again!

How Playlister.Club Works For Labels

If you’re a label looking to release new music for your artist, Playlister.Club makes your campaign effortless. Simplify and optimize your playlist promotion campaigns and gain access to the most diverse and vibrant community of playlist curators. Your releases will be included in our discovery ecosystem, where leading curators go to find new music for their playlists. Connect your music to the right ears for a more meaningful & organic connection. Daily curation data, allows us to provide tools to track your Playlistability, measure playlister’s tastes, and more! Our Playlistability Index is the most advanced metric to measure your song’s potential performance from a playlisting perspective. Using thousands of data points we collect daily, we’ve devised an engine to check your playlistability -- how playlistable your song is -- against what our playlisters are currently adding, and what other emerging artists like yourself scored.

Join A Passionate Community Of Music Lovers

Include your music in the only lively online community tailored towards playlisters. Our social tools like our Community Feed, give your music a chance to trend within our platform, and get passed around the leading independent playlisters in the world!

Here are our Top 10 Performing Playlisters! 

  1. Soave: Born in the Netherlands,Soave is now a global brand of artists, curators and promoters. Their smooth and tender tunes have captured the ears of +3.3M people, across their many channels like YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify and Deezer, making them the “home for chill house music.”
  2. CloudKid: A loyal face to up-and-coming artists, CloudKid serves as a “creative outlet created to support thriving undiscovered talent.” Now a record label, they keep their +5M listeners dreaming in the clouds.
  3. The FifthGuys: Self-described as “two Italians cooking beats better than pizza,” The FifthGuys are not joking - they’ve accumulated +0.7M followers across all their Spotify playlists. Their mood-based playlists boost motivation that keeps listeners going.
  4. VIBE.: With an A&R Curator Ranking of 75% and +1.4k songs discovered in Playlister Club, they’ve been able to embody the vibe of +0.5M listeners around the world.
  5. MemelistasMX: A hispanic curator based in Mexico, with a near perfect 99% A&R Curator Ranking, MemelistasMX keeps his +0.5M audience up to date with daily posts on his Instagram & TikTok.
  6. Robaer: Artist and curator, Robaer has assembled most of his following through his masterful taste in EDM & House music. He highlights the best of each genre, focusing around new releases.
  7. Island Beats: Based in Dominican Republic and Argentina, the #island concept revolves around the collision of electronic music and visual content. Their playlists are easily recognizable by their +0.4M followers through beautifully designed ocean creatures, which embody the aura of each list.
  8. R3HAB: World-renowned DJ and producer, R3HAB, saw a rise to fame in the early days of electronic music for his undeniable talent. Now also a curator, he’s placed over 3k songs in Playlister Club. His playlists give listeners a sense of connection to his live sets.
  9. gidexen: Known as French melodic-bass artist, gidexen also curates lists for his +300k listeners, cementing him to the Top 50% of curators in Playlister Club.
  10. Charge Rcrds: With over 7k songs discovered in Playlister Club, record label, Charge Rcrds has an A&R Curator Ranking of 83%. The Spanish label portrays a sense of re-energizing their large, +300k, audience.


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