With the growing popularity of working in the music industry, getting recognized appears to be increasingly difficult. Connecting with the right people and promoting your music to them has been much easier with the development of the internet.

Knowing how to get your music discovered by the appropriate people is critical if you want to have a successful career. Continue reading to learn how to get noticed in the music industry.

How to get into the music industry

First, how does one get started in the music industry? Each person's journey into the music industry is unique. You may follow your passion for being a music artist or producer in a variety of ways. What matters is that you are clear about what you want to achieve and that you take the required measures to get there. While it is a competitive sector, people always strive for wealth and fame.

Throughout their careers, musicians must make several decisions. One of your initial decisions will influence the sort of performer you will be. Single artists, bands, cover bands, tribute bands, vocalists, backup musicians, and DJs create music in some ways. If you'd prefer not to be in the spotlight, there are several opportunities available for excellent musicians that work behind the scenes. These are some examples:

  • Songwriter
  • Music producer
  • Lyricist
  • Composer
  • Sound designer
  • Mixing engineer
  • Arranger
  • Orchestrator

If you're starting out in music, think about whether you want to be an independent musician or work for a large record company. Once you've decided on a course of action, set small goals to assist you in getting there. For example, if you've never performed at a live venue before, make a goal of performing your first gig within the next two or three months. If you're dedicated to songwriting but need more equipment, make it a mission to save money for a necessary purchase.

How to get your song heard online

The Internet revolutionized the music industry and the approach to getting your song heard. Physical and digital sales are no longer the major means of distributing your music. Continue reading to understand how to increase your online visibility.

Blogs about music

Music bloggers are constantly seeking for fresh material to write about. And although they receive a lot of traffic from featuring well-known singers, everyone wants to find the next great thing—and that person is you.

Make it on Playlists

With playlists, you can reach new, engaged listener bases instantly. It is possible to make it on playlists in many ways, including organically. Starting a membership on Playlister.club, though, makes it incredibly simple.

Internet radio services

At this point, Spotify might as well have fully supplanted radio. However, that is untrue. Many nascent online radio stations take song contributions from musicians.

Forums for music

Most aspiring artists begin their careers in extremely tight-knit communities of (let's face it) art nerds. Make friends with them and ask if they'd want to hear your music.

Youtube channels

You could upload your music video on YouTube, still, it won't get many views unless you have a sizable fan base. Instead, you might send your music to outlets that focus on music promotion.

Online communities

Do not worry (pun intended!) if you are not willing to register for yet another guitarist forum. You may invite others to listen to your music in several Facebook groups with a music focus.

How to get people to listen to your music offline

Although online will continue to dominate music promotion in 2022, there are still efficient ways to advertise oneself in the real world. Let us look at five of them.

1. On-stage performances

Few advertising tactics can compete with the age-old live performance technique. What better way to introduce your style than to give it to them in person?

2. Television and movies

Music is used in all moving films, whether on the large or little screen. Some performers have even gotten into the mainstream after being showcased on television.

3. Local radio stations

Spotify and online radio stations have rendered many radio stations outdated. However, there are still local radio shows looking for new talent.

4. Street teams

A little assistance from your friends can help you get by. Use Canva or Design Wizard to create some eye-catching fliers and posters and invite people to join the street team for your band. Design Wizard is definitely the best option if money is tight. With the free subscription, you'll have access to all their tools and features plus more than 10,000 free templates to select from.

5. Street selling

If you can't find a street team, you must do it yourself. We can assure you that selling your music on the street may be nerve-wracking. But even in 2022, some artists are still profiting greatly from it.

How to make your song go viral

Generate content that is worth sharing

Having something worth sharing is the first step in making your music go viral. Either it must be so excellent that people are compelled to share it, or a media element that appeals to your target demographic must go with it.

Build relationships with influencers and provide them value

You now have access to many people who can help you advance your career thanks to the internet. When you stop to think about it, most individuals hardly ever use the Internet for personal development. They simply pass the time by binge-watching Netflix and amusing prank videos.

Every composer, executive of a record company, musician, and entrepreneur is on social media! You can get in touch with them. Making a LinkedIn account for your music brand is one action you can take right now to network.


Finding new admirers is the key to becoming viral. When you work with other musicians, their fan audience gets exposed to your own songs as well. This helps to grow your fan base quickly and dramatically.

Every time you cooperate with someone, tag and mention your social media accounts and website. It is the most effective free method of gaining organic followers.

Use Instagram Live or TikTok

Using Instagram Live is a fantastic way to interact with your fans and be really honest with them. Since the video is live, your fans may quickly ask you questions and get to know the "genuine you" with no filters or preconceived notions.

This is a fantastic tool for sharing exciting news, generating excitement about future events, and promoting any new songs or albums. According to research by LiveStream.com, 80% of viewers prefer live streaming over reading a blog or social media post.

How to get your music heard by record labels

Contrary to popular assumption, independent musicians can still be successful in 2022 even without a record company. However, having the backing of the ideal record label in a collaboration never hurts.

Research labels before contacting them. It makes little sense to contact a label that only promotes hip-hop or EDM if you're a rock musician. Look at labels that other musicians in your scene have signed to locate the ideal one for your work.

Give the label time to examine your demo after you've sent it in. They get entries daily, thus it can take them some time to reply to yours.

You may check-in with them to see how your submission is doing if you have heard nothing back after some time. When submitting a demo, several labels specifically state that they do not want to hear from the submitter again. Ensure that they permit follow-ups by checking their submission policy.


What is the best way to get your music out there?

There are several ways to market your songs and spread the word about your music, including streaming, touring, licensing, and more. Above all, writing excellent music is the greatest method to have your tunes heard. While branding and advertising aid in the distribution of your music, you still need a self-contained product.

Spend time perfecting your skills, composing songs, and developing your sound. So that you may boldly pursue a career in music while being proud of the work you are doing. Use these suggestions to market your songs once you've established your sound and compiled a portfolio.

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