A music promo landing page is more than just a “linktree-style” webpage; it is a specialized tool for digital promotion campaigns in the music industry. It allows you to direct your ad campaign traffic, and it's where tracking pixels are set up to monitor and analyze visitor behavior. It's like a virtual welcome mat, guiding listeners to a specific destination where they can explore a particular song or album. Investing time and effort into a landing page can significantly boost the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and provide you with valuable insights into your audience. 

If you don’t have the time to set up landing pages for every campaign, don’t fret! When we designed SongPage, we aimed to create a fully functional, “pixeled,” and customizable page that you can create – literally in one click! 

Many artists already use landing pages, but maybe you are not following all the best practices, tips, and tricks to ensure you are getting the most out of your pages. After creating thousands of landing pages and marketing campaigns, and analyzing the results, here are the Top 3 Tips we’ve found to make the most out of your landing page strategy:

1- Make a landing page for each song.

We have found that a separate landing page for every song you promote is typically more effective than a single generic artist landing page. 

Why? Each landing page can be tailored to a specific audience and the unique content of that particular song, allowing for a more personalized experience. If you want to get really crazy, you can even create a landing page for each different campaign, allows for even better attribution. The messaging, visuals, and call-to-action can be crafted to resonate with the fans interested in that particular piece, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates. Finally, and most importantly, it’s much much easier to analyze the effectiveness of each individual track campaign because they’re all done separately! This is why SongPage builds landing page for each track. 

2- Don't distract listeners from your "Call to action"

In streaming marketing campaigns like SongFly, your “Call To Action” is the button you want listeners to click on most --  usually it is getting them to the streaming service of your choice, to listen to your song on Spotify/Apple/etc.  While SongPage allows you to add a lot of metadata to your webpage, opting for a more simplistic approach will result in more clicks. 

For example, with SongPage #1 below we were receiving ~43% conversion rate into streaming services. This means that 43% of the visits the landing page received overall, ended up click on a service. Whereas in SongPage #2 (the more streamlined version), this number went up to over ~71%!

SongPage #1
SongPage #2

Here are some key differences that led to a 65% increase streaming conversion rate of this landing page:
  • Multiple Streaming Providers vs. Select Few

    When it comes to sending listeners to streaming providers, the question arises: is it better to link to many streaming platforms or just a select few? Offering links to many streaming providers may cater to a broader audience, as different people prefer different platforms. However, it can also overwhelm or confuse some visitors. By focusing on a select few proven platforms, you can create a more streamlined user experience and potentially foster better tracking and attribution. The choice often depends on a balance between accessibility and user experience, and understanding your audience's preferences will guide this decision.
  • To preview or not to preview?

    Many landing pages, SongPage included, allow you to include a 30sec preview for your song. In many cases when testing, we found that this song preview ends up stealing a lot of traffic from the “Call To Action” you want, which is to stream. Think about it – if I see an ad for a song, click it, and get sent to a page with a big “play” button, I’m more likely to click that preview to listen, instead of going to a different streaming service. The preview is great if you are using a SongPage to share the song with a wider audience (i.e. on a Social Media post announcing th release) but in most cases for direct-to-fan ad campaigns, it’s best to remove it. 

Attribution is the process of identifying which marketing channels or touchpoints are contributing to a desired outcome, like a sale or a click. In music promotion, it helps you understand where your listeners are coming from and what's driving them to engage with your content. However, establishing attribution can be challenging due to the multiple touchpoints a listener may encounter before making a decision. A well-designed landing page can assist in tracking these touchpoints. SongPage, for example, allows you to see exactly where people are click on your landing page, if you hover over each section:

3- Use your landing page to build an "attribution" picture

With Songpage running alongside Songfly for a campaign, attribution is automatic and beautifully visualized in our dashboard. It is the only service that automates and tracks ads from end to end. Some quick tips when building out your attribution picture for your campaigns:

  • A ‘solid’ benchmark for Meta ad campaigns is to receive at least 1 click to streaming service for every 2 visits to your landing page. If you are getting less than that, use some of the tips above to streamline your landing page. 
  • Geographies are very important in the attribution process. By seeing which countries visit vs click through to each landing page, you can start to get a better idea of where your most compatible audience lives around the world, and allow you to target countries 
  • more efficiently for future campaigns.

  • Finally, remember the whole goal of building out an attribution picture for each campaign is to extract key learnings (i.e. “People from Australia are clicking but not listening, etc.), so your marketing grows stronger with each campaign. High-performing landing pages might justify increased promotional investment in those tracks, while underperforming ones could signal a need to shift resources elsewhere. 

Landing pages are an indispensable tool for music creators running digital promotion campaigns. Embrace landing pages so you can cultivate a more engaging and insightful connection with your listeners. It's an investment that when done right, pays dividends in understanding, reaching, and growing your audience in an increasingly competitive music landscape.

If you haven’t yet, please give SongPage a whirl in your next SongTools campaign, and let us know what you think! 

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