As our Discover page gets more populated with amazing music on a daily basis, our team is tasked with finding new, creative ways to allow artists to stand out from the crowd. The new Banners feature is an effective way to give Playlisters a deeper peek into your world as an artist, and explain what makes your music special.

Banners sit at the top of the revolutionary Discover page, where hundreds of Playlisters go to find new music for their playlists everyday. Banners now take up the most real estate in our unique music discovery ecosystem. The sheer size of these banners increase the chances of turning playlisters into fans that will share music with their fans. Furthermore, this boost can speed up the rate at which we calculate your performance metrics like BEI & SEI, so you can learn more about your release, more quickly than before.

Alongside the benefit of real estate and boosting your analytics, Banners allow you to write a 256-character “quick pitch” of your song and brand:

Here, you can take the opportunity to show off your personality as an artist, and explain what makes your song special.

So what are you waiting for? Give the Banners a try and see how playlisters react. You can start by purchasing a Banner in the “Start” section of your dashboard, but act quickly, only 10 Banner ads are available per week!

You can start your Banner ad by heading to the “Start” section of your artist or label dashboard, and purchasing a Banner on the left-side column:

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