Indie music is hard to describe, but it’s easy to know when you hear it. These artists are just as unique as their music, so you’ll always have something fresh and new to listen to. Read on for a brief explanation about what indie music is exactly and the different types of indie music. 

Indie music is defined as any type of music that does not follow the mainstream. The term "indie" may also refer to a person who has some kind of artistic, creative, or professional ambition. A lot of indie music doesn't get into the charts or the radio, but in today’s world, you can now support independent artists on various platforms.

Playlister.Club is one of these platforms. You can be part of a community to connect, engage and trade with other playlisters in a collaborative music discovery environment & playlisting experience. We have a lot of great artists on Playlister.Club that we’ve showcased where you can find in our indie playlist.

Different Types of Indie Music

There are many types of indie music. The most popular types would be indie rock, indie pop, and indie rap. Other more obscure genres include blackgaze, post-rock, emo, and electronic dance music combined with tenets from other genres such as rock, folk, and pop. Even some big name artists like Billie Ellish or Florence + the Machine, although big names in the industry today, are considered Indie based on the uniqueness of their music. Fleet Foxes, chamber folk sound, created the seasonal hit “White Winter Hymnal,” and The Kings of Convenience combined electronic dance music, rock, folk, and pop. Alt-J tends to evoke psychedelic and poetic qualities while Tame Impala uses synthpop, disco, psychedelic and other genres.

Discover some of the most compelling and influential indie music that’s trending on Playlister.Club. New music is presented on a dynamic dashboard based on your established curation tastes so you can listen, review, and even schedule songs on your playlists! No more endless submissions; work with music you really like!

Why Indie Music is Important in Today's Society

Indie music has been around for a long time, meaning that in the past, it was even more important to have an outlet for new, unheard talent. Back then, Indie bands were the only way to get new music if people didn't want to wait 9 months and pay $15 CD prices. Indie bands are still incredibly popular today because they have a knack for creating catchy music with lyrics that reflect what audiences are feeling. They generate unique styles that aren’t considered mainstream leaving the listener to experience something different that hasn’t been introduced to them before. If you’re an indie artist looking for exposure, check out Playlist Pulse. It’s the only chart directly driven by your voice and distributed to thousands of music industry professionals, playlisters, influencers, and media outlets around the world!

Why Playlister.Club Can Help You Find Good Indie Music

Indie music is typically less polished and produced than mainstream music. Although indie artists are often unsigned, they still have a strong fan-base. You can find great indie artists right here on Playlister.Club. Playlister Club gives you the most powerful tools to better manage your playlists so you can focus on what's really important: discovering new music! With Playlist Pulse, your collective intelligence is presented in a data-driven A&R chart, comprised of music recommendations for our members and distributed to thousands of leading music industry outlets. Become a member and start gaining access to a curated community of playlisters passionate about discovering new music!


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