Playlist Pulse was created to highlight what songs are trending in the independent playlist space.

With thousands of playlists and artists looking to get Discovered, we here at Playlister Club found ourselves in a unique position to create something special with data we collect from all of the organic music discovery that happens on a daily basis in our ecosystem.

The result, is Playlist Pulse a weekly song chart comprised of the best-performing tracks on our platform each week! The chart releases every Thursday night @ Midnight EST, alongside the Playlist on Spotify.

The data collected each week includes placements, positive or negative reviews, and more performance metrics, to give you the top 10 best A&R picks that our independent curators believe have the most promising music.

Alongside the Top 10 songs, you’ll also see 4 slots dedicated for some of our A&Rs to nominate songs that are not yet on the platform — this is a way for our A&Rs to get deserving music on the radar of other curators, artists, labels, and even music fans that check out our weekly song chart. These slots are also a great way to showcase some of the curators we work with, and are active on the platform on a weekly basis, so make sure to show them some love with a follow!

Check out Playlist Pulse!


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