Reverbnation is a social networking site for musicians. It allows artists to share their music with the world, connect with fans, and promote themselves online. Reverbnation was created in 2005 and since then has grown rapidly, now boasting over 3 million registered users worldwide! Artists can use Reverbnation to upload songs and albums for free; post blogs, photos, videos; find an audience of like-minded listeners; access tools that help them create better music (like the songwriting tool); collaborate on projects with other artists; get feedback from others about their work-in-progress tracks or demos; chat live in chat rooms with other musicians across the globe who are interested in the same genres; and, gain access to important tools that help them grow their fan base (such as Reverbnation Radio). There are several benefits of using Reverbnation.

First, artists can upload songs for free which is perfect for those who want to get started or test out different song ideas without having to pay anything.

Second, artists can create a profile where they can post blogs and connect with fans. This is great for artists who are looking to build their audience but not ready for paid promotion yet or have little resources available.

Third, there are tools that help artist grow their fan base which include Reverbnation Radio (similar to Pandora). The radio is a great way for artists to engage with listeners who are fans of similar music.

Reverbnation has also created an app that allows anyone with the latest iOS devices easy access to Reverbnation’s best features on-the-go! Artists can now be found, heard and connected with all in one place.

Now that you know more about Reverbnation, why not take a look and see what you can do with it? It’s free, easy to use and perfect for all musicians!

How to use Reverbnation with Playlister Club

Playlister Club the largest independent curation community in the world. When you sign up to Playlister Club, your music is placed in from of the most relevant curators for your music. After using Playlister Club to garner new fans, you can set up a profile with Reverbnation, to allow your new fans to easily find you on search engines like Google, and learn more about your music & background as an artist! 

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