Finding the right songs for your playlist can take hours of time and the idea of going through the process again just to add the same songs you've had on a previous playlist can seem bothersome. That's why Playlister.Club decided to help make it easier for you by showing you how to duplicate your Spotify playlist! 

Here's How To Duplicate a Spotify Playlist

Before we start just know, this can only be done on the Spotify App. This cannot be done in a browser or mobile at this moment. 

  • First, sign in to your Spotify via the App. 
  • Create new playlist and give it a name that'll make it easy for you to find. This playlist is going to be the one you'll be using as your "new duplicated" playlist.
  • Then, locate the playlist you want to duplicate. Once you have located the playlist, click on it.
  • Type CMD+A or CTRL+A to select all your tracks. 
  • Then, visit the New Playlist you created.
  • Type CMD+V or CTRL+A to paste your tracks into your New Playlist and that's it! 

Here's How To Duplicate a Spotify Playlist With Playlister.Club!

Want an easier way? Just use Playlister.Club’s “Make It Yours” feature. 

  • First, sign up to Playlister.Club to access this feature and tons of other features to create better playlists, all for free! 
  • Once you have your free Playlister.Club account open head to the “My Playlists” Section.
  • Click the “+” plus sign on the left hand corner of the “My Playlists” Section. 
  • Select “Make It Yours.” You can now search for any Spotify playlist by title or link. 
  • That’s it! Once confirmed, the duplicate version of your playlist will show up on your Spotify account. 

Pro tip: Once you have your duplicate playlist in your account, you can use Playlister.Club’s “Shuffle” button to shuffle the order of all the songs on the playlists and make it fresh, and use various other features, like the Discover page, to find new songs and give your personal twist to the playlist! 

Can You Duplicate A Spotify Playlist On Mobile?

As of now, there isn't a feature on mobile to allow you the ability to duplicate a Spotify Playlist. 

Can You Duplicate A Spotify Playlist On Browser?

Just like Mobile, you will need the Spotify App to have the ability to duplicate a Spotify Playlist.

Can You Duplicate Someone's Spotify Playlist In Your Account?

Yes, you can! Just simply visit someone else’s playlist and follow the same steps. If you don't want to listen to any songs in a playlist, right click on the song and then click remove. You can also do the same thing by adding more songs to the playlist by right-clicking the song and then hovering your mouse over Add to Playlist. Choose which playlist you want the song added to.

Use Playlister.Club To Manage Your Playlist

Playlist Management made easy. Allowing you to concentrate on what's really important: discovering new music! Our scheduler allows you to schedule tracks to your playlists that will automatically remove after a set amount of time, and in any desired position of the playlist! Keep your lists fresh, by automating song positions that change by the day. Sign up today!


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